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Are you looking for a high end golf cart to end all luxury golf carts? Maybe you’re looking for the Mercedes Benz of golf carts without necessarily paying a Mercedes Benz price. The Garia golf cart is the next one you need to add to your list. Don’t think of it as a golf cart car, although you can use it on the course with ease, but think of it as the coolest golf cart you will ever own. If you’re looking for your golf cart to be the talk of the community, let the Garia help you gain that recognition. It comes in various models including the Golf, Via, Roadster, Courtesy, and Specialty. Be the talk of the town and the envy of the county club with the highest end golf cart you can own. Each model has their own pros and cons that specifically meet each component you are looking for. Complete with a sleek design and retrofitted to how you want it the Garia is the envy of all other golf cart companies. Because we are a trusted golf car company each of our golf carts comes complete with lithium golf cart batteries for optimum performance and use. Each one of our models can reach speeds up to 40 MPH (depending on use, whether, wear and tear, etc.) That’s power you can depend on. Whether you are planning on transporting your family, driving the next 18, or just strolling around the community the Garia is a great match. It’s style and dependability you won’t find anywhere else. Have the peace of mind that you are driving the Mercedes Benz of golf carts. Don’t miss out on the adventures that wait ahead! The Garia golf cart is for sale and ready for you, so what are you waiting for?