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Need an update from that old golf cart you have had for years? Try out one of our GEM Personal models. The GEM models are completely street legal in areas that allow neighborhood electric vehicles or club cars on the road. The models range from the e2 to the e6 which can fit as many as a 6 passenger car. These small electric cars are nothing to toy around with, each one of the GEM golf carts can reach a top speed of 25 MPH. They get you onward and where you need to go. The GEM is a completely limited footprint model which means they are all electric cars. A GEM electric car can get you where you need to go in a clean and efficient way. Now that's a way to travel! Show up to the next golf match or community event with a Polaris GEM or any of our GEM cars. We promise you won’t be disappointed with our GEM models. No more need to be jealous of all those fancy golf carts you see in golf digest! Here at Cart Mart we don’t only just carter to those who want to add a brand new electric riding vehicle to their garage, but we have options to customize your own car or a wealth of used golf carts. Cart Mart is one of the best golf cart dealers around and we have you taken care of from new club cars to custom golf carts. We are the car dealers of the golf cart industry! So whether you are looking for a brand new electric golf cart or you want to make your own car, Cart Mart is the place to visit!