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Service Tips


We believe in addressing service items proactively, before things break. And when they do break, our team of experienced, factory certified technicians are ready to help get you back on the road or the course, fast.

With the largest fleet of Mobile Service Trucks in Southern California, we are capable of getting to you, usually within 48 hours of your initial call. Our fast response insures we can get your vehicles repaired and returned to service sooner than any other Company in the region. Plus, unless you have a trailer and can deliver the vehicle(s) to our service centers, we will come to your home or business to service one vehicle or your entire fleet on site. How easy does that sound???

And, if you are as committed to the performance that you should expect from your new or used vehicle as we are, we offer a complete Preventative Maintenance Program (click to PMP shown below) that is designed to extend the life of the vehicle and reduce breakdowns by catching and repairing issues early. That's Repair Before Failure, and it makes total sense (both logistically and monetarily).

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Preventative Maintenance Program

Maintaining your golf car, LSV or utility vehicle is essential to preserving its life and insuring consistent reliability. At Cart Mart, we offer complete Maintenance Programs designed to keep your vehicle(s) running longer by addressing required maintenance issues on time, in advance and before they become too serious and costly. In addition to having Certified and factory trained technicians, our service trucks are stocked with many of the common replacement parts needed to repair your vehicle on-site, the first time.


Under the Preventive Maintenance Program - You can expect:


In most cases, the Preventive Maintenance can be completed in about one hour per vehicle.

Additional labor and or replacement parts (i.e. oil, filters, plugs, etc.) are not included in the standard service; however, an estimate for any additional parts or labor can often be given at the time of service, and performed at that time, with customer’s approval.

Although we believe that 99% of the work can be performed on site, should the vehicle require additional repairs that cannot be fixed on site, we may need to bring your vehicle(s) back to our shop, and perform those services in house, with your approval. Additional charges may apply and will be discussed at that time.


A proper Preventive Maintenance program should be performed on a regular basis depending on the frequency of use and driving conditions. As a guide we recommend the following:

Heavy Use = Monthly. Recommended - one service visit per month - 12 times annually.
Normal Use = Bi-Monthly. Recommended – one service every other month - 6 times annually.
Light Use = 3 to 4 Times per Year. Recommended - one service every three to four months - 3-4 times annually.

Brands We Service:

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