Taylor-Dunn Industrial Vehicles

SC-100 B-150
The SC-100 Stock Chaser is designed with an all steel unitized body with automotive differential and a 24,36, or 48 volt GT drive system, designed to provide years of service in rugged applications. The B-150 is equipped with a 36-volt electric drive train and is designed with one of the shortest turning radii in its class.  
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B-254 Kalamazoo B4-2500
The B-254's unique modular design allows it to be configured to meet your needs. Its GT electric drive train provides years of reliability with low operating costs.
The B4-2500 is a Kalamazoo four-wheel speed truck with a 2,000 pound to 6,000 pound payload capacity.
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Husky C-425 Tiger TC-100/200
The C-425 Husky electric tow tractor was designed to provide reliable service in rugged applications. The four wheel design of this vehicle ensures maximum safety without compromising maneuverability. The TC-100 / 200 is a proven medium duty tow tractor with 10,000 to 12,000 lbs of drawbar pull.
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