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Golf Carts For Sale Murfreesboro TN

Cart Mart
29th December 2022
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Do you ever ask where to get the best “Golf Carts For Sale Murfreesboro TN" has to offer? Have you ever searched for “used golf carts for sale Murfreesboro TN"? Looking for a deal.

City of Murfreesboro

Do you ever ask where the best “Golf Carts For Sale Murfreesboro TN" has to offer? Have you ever searched for “used golf carts for sale Murfreesboro TN"? Looking for a deal.

Cart Mart Nashville has the perfect golf carts to cruise around Murfreesboro, TN in style. We have the latest in stock golf carts for sale, that are sure to make your friends green with envy.

From vibrant colors to top-of-the-line features, you'll find the perfect cart for your needs to spin around the neighborhood, drop the kids off at school, or just run around Murfreesboro in a fabulous golf cart you can be proud of. Come explore our selection and discover why buying from Cart Mart Nashville is a hole in one!

Murfreesboro TN - Golf Carts For Sale

Are you looking for golf carts for sale in Murfreesboro, Tennessee? If so, you've come to the right place. Cart Mart Nashville offers a wide selection of golf carts from new and pre-owned models from top brands like Club Car Onward, street legal golf carts and golf cars like the ICON electric vehicle, or rugged utility vehicles like the Polaris ProXD for commercial use.

Before making a purchase, it's important to have a good understanding of not only the type of golf cart that might suit your needs best, but also the industry regulations surrounding their use.

When buying a golf cart in Murfreesboro, there are some things to keep in mind such as whether it will be primarily used on the course? Or, is this going to be mostly for utility purposes. Will I need to be in zones of 35MPH?

For example, with street legal golf carts becoming more common across the country (including in Tennessee), some municipalities require inspections and registration in order to operate these vehicles on public roads. Checking local ordinances is wise since failure to abide by them can be costly and inconvenient.

If your not sure what you need or which way to turn, Cart Mart sales can help you decide the kind of golf cart or golf car you need based on your street and zones around you, that way you get the most flexibility and use from your purchase.

Next up is deciding between electric or gas powered models – both have their advantages/disadvantages based on location/length of travel and budget concerns. Both types are offered at at Cart Mart dealerships and are perfect for use in Murfreesboro; repair or servicing can usually depend on who provided the original warranty or purchase agreement - when shopping around compare this along with prices from different vendors as well.

For example many dealers in the area offer warranties that only cover you for 30 to 90 days on a remanned car. After that if something happens to your car that would be otherwise covered by a warranty you can incur heavy costs with simple repairs. You could wind up flipping the bill for travel time, technician time, pick-up, delivery, parts ect. You can see how a one time visit on a pre-owned vehicle can really add up.

Cart Mart Plus Up to 5 years of coverage

At Cart Mart we have a extended warranty plan called Cart Mart Plus, which goes above and beyond the standard OEM warranty by providing additional services and coverage. If you bought your pre-owned certified car from us you get a 1 year Cart Mart Plus warranty, and you can purchase up to 5 years of that coverage. As well, check in with Cart Mart sales and ask about Service Simplified, which is available at the time of purchase. These plans help to cover your service after the sale and are highly recommended to keep you warranty compliant and give you complete piece of mind when making your golf cart purchase.

It's important to decide exactly how the golf cart will be used before making your purchase since each model has certain features (and corresponding price tags) designed for specific use cases – such as carrying cargo, hauling passengers/loads over longer distances etc...

Additionally optional items like Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, speed upgrades etc can add up quickly; ask about these when getting an estimate quote so you have an accurate idea of total costs involved before committing too far into your project.

Finally it's worth considering extending any warranties offered by your dealer, whether you go to Cart Mart or any where else. Should a dealer provide an extended warranty it's worth taking a look for the sake of value, and cost. Investing here may reduce potential maintenance costs down the line if ever needed so it may be worth looking into more specifically if you are planning on using vehicle more frequently over time!

Which leads us into our next talking point...

Golf Cart Repair Murfreesboro TN

You did your due diligence, like a champion, you bought your golf cart at a one of the best golf cart dealers in the country ( Cart Mart ). A few years pass by and you hit some bumps in the road, ( more ) Now your car is veering to much to the left, and when you go to honk your horn the car turns off. I can see the question mark above your head, but hey... things happen. So, now what?

When it comes to purchasing and maintaining a golf cart, finding quality repair services at the most affordable prices is crucial, especially when you consider the fact that gas pricing are on the rise, and generally every technician from here to Alaska is going to charge you for travel time, generally based on gas prices, plus technician time.

The question is does your dealer offer Golf Cart Repair in Murfreesboro TN? Some, not all golf cart dealers offer on-location golf cart repair. All dealers should offer on location repair. If you purchased at Cart Mart, we offer both. On location ( we come to your home or business location ) and attempt to repair there. If we can't we schedule a pickup to bring the car for extended service.

Cart Mart offers top-notch golf cart repair services for golfers of all levels. Our experienced specialists are committed to delivering quality repairs and have many years of experience in the golf industry. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team, we ensure that your purchase is well taken care of. With Cart Mart Plus Service and Warranty, so long as your repair falls under the warranty, much of the cost will be covered, including travel time to your location!

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, our technicians can help with issues surrounding brakes, electrical systems, differential repairs, motor rebuilds or any other type of malfunction.We offer many different service packages depending on your individual needs — including battery replacement, alternator replacement and transmission repairs — so you can always feel secure in knowing that you're getting the best service possible.

When you need Golf Cart Repair Murfreesboro Tennessee, we understand that keeping up with routine maintenance can seem like an added expense or hassle that some people don't want to undertake — but regular upkeep will not only save you money by avoiding major repair costs; it will also make sure that your cart is running in top condition every time you use it. That's where Service Simplified comes in. Purchase a service plan from Cart Mart at the time of purchase, hold down the cost of maintenance down the line. From basic tune-ups, and full PM service inspections to new parts installation – trust us for peace of mind when it comes to keeping your carts running smooth and safe on the course!

Golf Cart Sales Murfreesboro TN & Delivery

Golf Cart Sales for Murfreesboro, Tennessee community, with Cart Mart Nashville. Great place to find golf carts for sale and in stock. Whether you're a golfer looking for your own golf cart or someone who needs one for commercial use, Cart Mart Nashville has several options available.

Gallery Of Golf Carts We Sell

Club Car Onward

  • 2 Passenger
  • 4 Passenger
  • 6 Passenger

ICON electric Vehicles

  • ICON i20 ( golf )
  • ICON i40 ( Street Legal Golf Cart )
  • ICON i60 ( Street Legal Golf Cart )

Golf Carts For Sale At Cart Mart Nashville for Murfreesboro Tennessee

GEM Vehicle - LSV

  • 2 Passenger
  • 4 Passenger
  • 6 Passenger

Polaris ProXD

  • 2 Passenger
  • 4 Passenger

GEM vehicle ( LSV )

  • Gem - 2 Pass
  • Gem - 4 Pass
  • Gem - 6 Pass

Golf Cart Delivery Murfreesboro Tennessee

We offer local delivery from Cart Mart Nashville store to Murfreesboro Tennessee as well as options for shipping out of state! We stand behind all brands as we sell with warranties protecting parts purchased from us directly.

We also provide rental services if you are looking for a temporary option or need a golf cart while visiting Murfreesboro. Our fleet includes regular four seaters, special VIP carts featuring luxurious amenities like wet bars and AC/DC systems, two-seaters with extended shelves or cargo boxes perfect when carrying groceries or multiple bags of clubs, and four-seaters designed specifically for comfort with reclining high back seats cushioned headrests and footrests -all at very affordable rates

We pride ourselves on providing courteous customer service to our valued customers in Murfreesboro and beyond. Give us a call today to learn more about the various types of golf carts available from Golf Cart Sales & Rentals in Murfreesboro TN!

Westlawn Murfreesboro TN Golf Cart Laws

Westlawn in Murfreesboro, TN is also home to a many neighborhood adventures that explore their local city with golf carts, and LSV's. Laws widely depend on the golf cart options, both for street legal or non street legal cars. Before you decide which one is best for you ( if you have not purchased yet ), it is important to understand the local laws as that may play a factor in what kind of car you are going to purchase.

In Tennessee, state laws for golf cart driving restrict their use to designated roads, pathways and parks with a speed limit of no more than 25 mph. Golf carts must be fitted with headlights, rearview mirror, and a slow moving vehicle sign as determined by law.

Tennessee Golf Cart Laws

Westlawn Murfreesboro TN Golf Cart Laws

Murfreesboro residents residential laws follow the Tennessee guidelines. Essentially where the speed limit is 35 mph or less at up to 5 mph under the speed limit of non-interstate highways outside city limits with restrictions.

When on residential streets in Murfreesboro, golf carts need safety equipment such as taillights and appropriate tires that can safely handle high speeds in order to follow regulations set forth by the state. Some local neighborhoods such as Westlawn Murfreesboro TN, might have their own golf cart laws. Please check with your HOA, or local municipality directly to understand what they are. We have seen these restrictions have specific requirements such as enforced rules for under age drives, and additional safety precautions, such as specific lights and reflectors.

Also be sure to familiarize yourself with local policies regarding how many people can ride in or operate a golf cart at one time — some municipalities may only allow two people per cart unless an additional seat belt kit is installed for passenger safety. In addition, all riders must observe all necessary safety measures like wearing helmets and seat belts as determined by local laws — failure to follow these rules could result in fines or even seizure of your vehicle in some areas!

It's not just about being compliant by law, but community safe and friendly for everyone - Ride Safe!

With any purchase there is always an assumption of responsibility from the individual; be sure you or your neighborhood Murfreesboro joy rider has read the regulations clearly before purchasing or operating a golf cart so they are never caught off guard!

Cart Mart - We are an award winning and leading dealer of the world’s finest golf carts, commercial and Low Speed Vehicles. We proudly represent Club Car, Carryall, Onward, Yamaha, Garia, Polaris GEM, ProXD & Taylor-Dunn brands. Since 1959, Cart Mart has become one of the largest and oldest dealerships in the world. Serving the Southwest with six locations in California (San Marcos, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Lake Forest and Los Angeles).