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Golf carts for sale near Augusta Georgia - At Cart Mart Aiken

Cart Mart
19th August 2023
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Augusta's premier golf cart destination. Your ideal golf cart adventure begins here! Visit us today at or give us a call at 844-236-5498

Searching for a golf cart in Augusta, Georgia? Look no further! Cart Mart Aiken has you covered. Get an affordable golf cart in the area near Augusta. No matter if you're a golf fanatic or just want a convenient ride, Cart Mart Aiken has the perfect cart for you! Don't miss out on your chance for a dependable and fashionable golf cart to enjoy this summertime!

Cart Mart has the Best Golf carts for sale Augusta Georgia has to offer

Cart Mart in Augusta, Georgia has an amazing selection of golf carts for sale. Options like street legal, lifted, and custom carts make them the go-to club car dealer. Gas-powered or electric? They have it all! Brands like Yamaha, EZGO, and Club Car offer top-notch quality. Get your dream golf cart from Cart Mart today!

Why settle for a regular car? Experience Augusta Georgia on a golf cart from Cart Mart Aiken!

Golf cart service Augusta Georgia

Golf cart service in Augusta, Georgia is a must for golf enthusiasts who need reliable maintenance and repairs. This makes sure the golf carts used to get around during gameplay are functioning at their peak. Here are the 3 main things to consider:

  1. Quality Maintenance: Professional technicians do thorough check-ups and servicing to keep your golf cart running great. From battery tests to tire rotations, they make sure all parts are working efficiently.
  2. Convenient Repair Services: When breakdowns or malfunctions happen, fast on-site repairs are available to minimize downtime.
  3. Expertise and Experience: The professionals have lots of knowledge on different makes and models of carts, so they can handle any repair or maintenance job easily.

Also, these services are great if you're in Palm Springs and need golf cart repair near me or repairs in the desert. People in south Augusta, Georgia can also rely on these experts for efficient golf cart repairs.

Pro Tip: Regular maintenance is key for keeping your golf cart running well and having a smooth ride on the greens. Need golf cart repair in Augusta? Our pros can fix it up faster than you can say 'fore'.

Golf cart parts and on location service repair Augusta Georgia

Cart Mart Aiken is the go-to for golf cart parts and on-location service repair in Augusta, Georgia. We've got the best selection of Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha, Taylor-Dunn, and Carryall parts! Plus, our skilled technicians provide repair services for Club Car XRT, Club Car Urban, Garia Via street legal golf carts, Gem LSV street legal vehicles, Vantage electric utility vehicles, and Street Legal Evolution.

On top of that, we also specialize in Yamaha golf cart repair and Polaris repair services. Our commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees a quality experience that you won't forget.

At Cart Mart Aiken, we believe in keeping your golf cart running smooth. That's why we offer high-quality parts and on-location service repair. Plus, regular maintenance and timely repairs can help extend the life of your golf cart. So, if you're looking for convenience and ease, consider renting a golf cart in Augusta, Georgia!

Golf cart rentals Augusta Georgia

Golf cart rentals in Augusta, Georgia provide a convenient, efficient way to explore the city and its environs. Choose from a variety of carts - 2 passenger, 4 passenger, 6 passenger, or 8 passenger, gas or electric! Perfect for large groups or events, fleet golf carts are available for short or long-term rental. Plus, some companies even offer delivery and pickup services to make your outing even easier.

Avail a golf cart rental in Augusta for your exploration needs! Choose from a range of golf carts based on your needs - short trip, extended stay, or weekend getaway. Enjoy convenience and comfort with your rental. Get a hole in one with our golf cart financing options at Cart Mart - why settle for a regular cart when you can tee it up with style?

Golf cart financing Augusta Georgia - Cart Mart

Golfers of South Augusta, Georgia, Cart Mart has got you covered! Get low payments and 0% financing on approved credit. Plus, our flexible payment plans fit your needs. Calculate your monthly payments with our golf cart financing calculator. Don't miss out on our great deals - take advantage of our financing options now. Whether your credit score is good or not, we work with Sheffield Financial to make owning your dream golf cart possible.

Tired of walking 18 holes in Augusta, Georgia? Buy a pre-owned golf cart from Cart Mart Aiken! Walking is so 20th century.

Pre-owned golf carts Augusta Georgia

Searching for used golf carts in Augusta, GA? Look no further! Cart Mart Aiken has a huge selection of top-notch pre-owned golf carts. With our 1 year free extended warranty on every certified pre-owned golf cart, you'll have peace of mind that your purchase is safeguarded. Our warranty is the best in South Augusta! Shop with assurance and select from our pre-owned golf cart range today.

If you're playing golf in Augusta, make sure you're driving a trustworthy brand of golf cart from Cart Mart Aiken. Otherwise, you could be left stranded in the rough!

Authorized Brands:

At Cart Mart Aiken, we have a wide range of top-notch golf carts from trusted brands. These manufacturers are authorized to present their products to our dealership. We have Club Car's Onward, Carryall, and XRT, as well as Taylor-Dunn's Vantage. Plus, Garia's Urban Cru and Icon's Evolution offer unique choices. Our selection is sure to meet your needs and preferences. One customer, Emily, had a great experience with us. She purchased a Club Car Onward here. She was pleased with its quality and performance, as well as the customer service she got throughout the buying process. Emily recommends Cart Mart Aiken to anyone looking for top-notch golf carts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any golf carts available for sale near Augusta, Georgia at Cart Mart Aiken?

Yes, Cart Mart Aiken offers a wide selection of golf carts for sale near Augusta, Georgia. You can visit their location or browse their website for available options.

2. What types of golf carts can I find at Cart Mart Aiken?

Cart Mart Aiken offers a variety of golf carts, including electric, gas-powered, and street-legal models. They also have both new and used carts in their inventory.

3. Can I test drive a golf cart before making a purchase?

Yes, Cart Mart Aiken allows customers to test drive golf carts before making a purchase. This allows you to get a feel for the cart and ensure it meets your specific needs and preferences.

4. What is the price range for golf carts at Cart Mart Aiken?

The price range for golf carts at Cart Mart Aiken varies depending on factors such as the model, year, and condition. They have options to fit various budgets, from affordable used carts to high-end new models.

5. Do they offer financing options for purchasing a golf cart?

Yes, Cart Mart Aiken offers flexible financing options to help you purchase a golf cart. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right financing plan that suits your budget and requirements.

6. Can Cart Mart Aiken provide maintenance and repair services for golf carts?

Absolutely! Cart Mart Aiken has a team of experienced technicians who can provide maintenance and repair services for your golf cart. They stock a wide range of parts and accessories to keep your cart running smoothly.

Cart Mart - We are an award winning and leading dealer of the world’s finest golf carts, commercial and Low Speed Vehicles. We proudly represent Club Car, Carryall, Onward, Yamaha, Garia, Polaris GEM, ProXD & Taylor-Dunn brands. Since 1959, Cart Mart has become one of the largest and oldest dealerships in the world. Serving the Southwest with six locations in California (San Marcos, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Lake Forest and Los Angeles).