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Golf Carts For Sale In San Diego

Cart Mart
23rd June 2023
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Searching for the perfect golf cart in San Diego? Cart Mart San Diego is the ultimate one stop shop with a full service shop, and nationwide locations and support!

Searching for the perfect golf cart for sale in San Diego? Cart Mart San Diego is the ultimate place to go! They offer the top golf carts to improve your game. Plus, their products are top quality and fair pricing. Your golf cart needs will be met at Cart Mart San Diego!

Best Golf Carts For Sale at Cart Mart San Diego 

Cart Mart San Diego is the place to go for top-notch golf carts since 1959. They have electric and custom options, plus services and rentals. They are the best choice around for golf cart lovers. Their success is built on a long history and a dedication to customer happiness.

If you're hoping to purchase a golf cart, Cart Mart can help with financing. Your golf skills or credit score can make it happen!

Do you offer Golf cart financing at Cart Mart San Diego? 

Cart Mart San Diego offers golf cart financing options to help you purchase your dream cart. Our plans are tailored to fit your needs. Get financing for luxury carts, pre-owned carts, and neighborhood electric vehicles in San Diego.

Flexible financing options make owning a golf cart accessible and affordable. Convenient monthly payments fit into any budget. Plus, we customize each plan to your preferences. From competitive interest rates to flexible repayment terms, our financing options make buying easy.

Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process. We provide answers to all questions and expert advice. We want the process to be simple and transparent.

We also suggest trade-ins or down payments to lower your monthly payments and overall cost. Trade in your current vehicle or make a down payment to reduce the amount financed and potentially get better terms on your loan.

At Cart Mart San Diego, we make owning a golf cart in San Diego possible for everyone. Our personalized financing options and quality selection of golf carts mean you don't have to break the bank. Contact us today to explore our finance plans!

Golf cart parts San Diego 

Golf cart parts in San Diego? Cart Mart San Diego has it all! Top brands like Club Car, Garia, Carryall, Yamaha, UMAX, Polaris, GEM and more.

We provide quality parts: replacement batteries, tires, brakes, accessories. Plus, our parts are compatible with various models and brands.

Need help selecting or installing the part? Our experts are here to assist. Shopping at Cart Mart San Diego is a no-brainer!

Don't forget, they've been serving customers since 1959. And if you're looking for something street legal, check out their awesome golf carts! Even the police will be asking for a ride.

Do you have Street legal golf carts at Cart Mart San Diego?

At Cart Mart San Diego, we've got street legal golf carts from top brands like Club Car, Polaris, Evolution, and Icon. Whether you need one for personal or commercial use, you'll find the perfect option. Take a look at the table below for details:

We also offer customizations and golf cart financing in San Diego. Visit us today and find the right cart for you.

Did you know? We've been in business for over 35 years. Our commitment to great customer service and quality products has earned us a great reputation, and Cart Mart San Diego has been doing it since 1959!. Come experience the Cart Mart difference!

Do you offer golf cart customization at Cart Mart San Diego? Because, let's face it...if your cart isn't bedazzled with a disco ball and a mini fridge, you're doing it wrong.

( You wish is granted! )

Do you offer Golf cart customization Cart Mart San Diego?

At Cart Mart San Diego, you can customize your golf cart to fit your needs. We have a range of accessories to choose from, plus expert customization services and street legal golf carts are available ( with and without the mini fridge!) . Cart Mart services are ready for both new and used golf carts. With us, you can create a truly unique golf cart that suits your style. So, stay ahead of the game with Cart Mart San Diego - because who says golf is just about 18 holes?

What are the best golf cart brands for Outdoor recreation at Cart Mart San Diego?

Discover the top golf cart brands at Cart Mart San Diego! The lifted Club Car Onward, Garia Off-X, and Evolution provide superior quality, durability, and performance to enhance your outdoor golfing experience.

These brands offer features that cater to different preferences and needs. The lifted Club Car Onward offers a powerful engine and advanced suspension system for a smoother ride, and long term bulletproof performance. Garia Off-X stands out with its sleek design, luxurious interiors, and cutting-edge technology. The Evolution is known for its street legal stylish cars, while offering great value for the money.

Don't miss out on the chance to upgrade your outdoor golfing experience with our in store deals and discounts! Visit Cart Mart San Diego and explore the vast range of options. Enjoy the thrill and convenience these brands have to offer and make the most of your time on the greens. Start exploring now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of golf carts does Cart Mart San Diego offer?

Cart Mart San Diego offers a wide range of golf carts, including electric and gas-powered models. They have options for personal use, as well as commercial and industrial carts.

2. Are the golf carts at Cart Mart San Diego new or used?

Cart Mart San Diego offers both new and used golf carts. Customers can choose based on their budget and preferences. All used carts undergo thorough inspections and refurbishments to ensure quality.

3. Can I customize my golf cart at Cart Mart San Diego?

Yes, Cart Mart San Diego provides customization options for golf carts. Customers can choose from a variety of accessories, such as light kits, lift kits, seating options, and more, to personalize their carts.

4. Do I need a license to drive a golf cart purchased from Cart Mart San Diego?

In most cases, a special license is not required to drive a golf cart purchased from Cart Mart San Diego. However, it's important to check local regulations as they may vary depending on the area of use.

5. Does Cart Mart San Diego provide maintenance and repair services?

Yes, Cart Mart San Diego offers maintenance and repair services for golf carts. Their team of experienced technicians can handle regular maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to keep the carts in excellent condition.

6. Does Cart Mart San Diego offer financing options for golf cart purchases?

Yes, Cart Mart San Diego provides golf cart financing options for customers looking to purchase a golf cart. Cart Mart works with various financial institutions to offer flexible payment plans to suit individual needs.

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Cart Mart - We are an award winning and leading dealer of the world’s finest golf carts, commercial and Low Speed Vehicles. We proudly represent Club Car, Carryall, Onward, Yamaha, Garia, Polaris GEM, ProXD & Taylor-Dunn brands. Since 1959, Cart Mart has become one of the largest and oldest dealerships in the world. Serving the Southwest with six locations in California (San Marcos, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Lake Forest and Los Angeles).