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Titan XD

Push the boundaries of your workday productivity with the Titan® XD, armed with IntelliBrake™ Technology.

Titan XD Powertrains

  • Lead Acid Electric

Take on extensive days with ease with an impressive 8,000-lb towing capacity and a 48V AC electric drivetrain. Equipped with IntelliBrake Technology that combines an intuitive motor brake that provides constant speed when traveling on steep terrain and an automatic parking brake that engages whenever the vehicle is stopped. The Titan XD is a deliberate powerhouse, purpose-built for increased energy efficiency and longer range.

Key features

IntelliBrake™ Technology

Enhance facility safety with an automatic parking and motor brake that converts speed to electricity through full-time regenerative braking.

Halogen Headlights

Increase visibility in any work condition with the enhanced safety feature of halogen headlights.

2 or 4-Passenger Seating

Choose the vehicle configuration that works best for your facility with 2 and 4-passenger seating options.

Diamond-Plated Steel

Built to last in harsh conditions, diamond-plated steel is ideal for any situation the workday requires.

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