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Stock Chaser

Efficiently maneuver through your warehouse with the Stock Chaserâ„¢.

Stock Chaser Powertrains

  • Lead Acid Electric

Navigating tight corners and narrow aisles to retrieve and move cargo is no match for the Stock Chaser. Equipped with a 9.6-square-foot cargo deck, 1,000-lb payload capacity, and a 4 or 6-step ladder option, the Stock Chaser maximizes operational efficiency.

Key features

4 and 6-Step Ladder Options

Reach new heights in the stockroom with the 4 and 6-step ladder options.

9.6-SQ-FT Cargo Deck

No task is out of the question with galvanized steel and stainless steel cargo deck options and a 1,000-lb vehicle load capacity.

Optional Strobe Light

Add a strobe light to your Stock Chaser for increased safety and visibility, alerting everyone around you to your movements through the facility.

Diamond-Plated Steel

Built to last in harsh conditions, diamond-plated steel is ideal for any situation the workday requires.

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