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Shuttle 8

Elevate high volume transportation with the Shuttle™ 8.

Shuttle 8 Powertrains

  • ELiTE Lithium Electric
  • Gas

With six forward-facing seats and two rear-facing seats, the Shuttle 8 is perfect for transporting large groups of people throughout any facility. Choose between maintenance-free ELiTE lithium powered by Samsung SDI Technology or a fuel-efficient 13.5 hp EFI gas engine. Features like a large canopy, ergonomically-designed seating, and dependable performance keep guests and workers alike satisfied.

Key features

Standard Lighting

Increase visibility with the enhanced safety features of standard headlights, taillights, and brake lights.

Standard Horn

Alert others you're approaching with the standard horn feature.

Bench Seating

Transport large groups comfortably and efficiently with ergonomically-designed bench seating.

Limited Slip Differential

Experience a smoother and safer ride with a limited slip differential, giving you more concentrated traction and peace of mind in any situation.

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