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Minute Miser

Swiftly move around any facility with the Minute Miser™.

Minute Miser Powertrains

  • Lead Acid Electric

Move around your facility quicker than ever before with an energy-efficient 24V electric drivetrain and simple handlebar steering. Equipped with a 300-lb cargo deck that transforms into a rear seat for a second passenger and a 550-lb total load capacity, trust the Minute Miser to generate more productive operations and never waste a second of the workday.

Key features

Non-Marking Tires

Keep warehouse floors clean and scuff-free with optional non-marking tires.

Handlebar Steering

Quickly navigate around the shop floor with the simple handlebar steering functionality.

Convertible Rear Seat

Transform the cargo deck into a two-passenger vehicle with a flip-down rear seat.

Diamond-Plated Steel

Built to last in harsh conditions, diamond-plated steel is ideal for any situation the workday requires.

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