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Hauler PRO

Superior performance begins with the Hauler® PRO, exclusively offered in ELiTE lithium battery technology.

Hauler PRO Powertrains

  • ELiTE Lithium Electric

The Hauler PRO comes with remarkable range and its zero-maintenance, ELiTE lithium powertrain is pushing sustainability forward. Its reduced weight and lower operational costs provide unrivaled performance. With a wide range of accessories, silent operations, and zero emissions, this utility vehicle will help you meet the exacting standards of the job.

Key features

Bed Divider

Configure your workspace for added organizational functionality with an optional bed divider.

Electric Bed Lift

Heighten productivity and remove the added effort of manually raising and lowering your cargo bed with the optional electric lift system.

Standard Brush Guard

Protect the front end of your vehicle with a standard brush guard.

15-CU-FT Aluminum Cargo Bed

Haul rugged loads with the lighter, corrosion-resistant aluminum cargo bed equipped with an integrated L-track.

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