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You can pick up your neighbors and take them along with the street-legal Villager 2+2.

Going to the course or just cruising around town - LSVs offer an ideal, environmentally friendly alternative.

  • 23 mph
  • 4 seats
  • 14 horsepower


Convenience and fun

It’s the perfect Low-Speed Vehicle for driving a foursome to your neighborhood golf course, taking friends to your favorite restaurant, or loading up the family – and the dog – and heading to a nearby park. It offers much more than convenience and fun: It doesn’t require fuel, it’s easy to recharge, and costs pennies per day to operate. The Villager 2+2 meets the standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, making it an ideal alternative for everyday suburban or in-town excursions.

Lifestyle is personal

Your lifestyle is personal. So is your choice of transportation. By selecting a Club Car Villager 2+2 LSV, you're making a personal statement. You're also making a personal contribution to the environment without sacrificing style, convenience, or sophistication. The zero-emissions Villager LSV (low-speed vehicle) is sporty, fun to drive and doesn't require any fuel. It's powered exclusively by electricity.

Cart Mart Plus
Cart Mart Plus Service & Warranty is our extended warranty program that goes above and beyond the manufactures basic coverage. Offering even more protection, parts and additional services not provided by any other dealer or manufactures. Giving you even more value and peace of mind. Ask your sale's associate about Cart Mart Plus.