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AC-Driven Power

When you’re behind the wheel of our new high performance vehicle, you’ll experience the power, torque, and acceleration only possible by AC-drive technology. The next generation of performance is here with the Onward HP by Club Car.

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Power you can feel

  • 18-19 mph
  • 2-6 seats
  • 22.4e horsepower



This all-new Onward High Performance vehicle offers a high-power motor and advanced 375 amp controller to provide you with impressive torque and hill climbing power for even the toughest terrains. With this new and improved acceleration, you won’t have to worry about being passed, no matter what road you take.

Dynamic battery power management

Featuring integrated battery power management, your Onward HP will automatically go into sleep mode when unattended to help extend battery charge. Worry less and drive longer as our enhanced technology puts your worries at ease.

Comfort & reliability

Feel the difference in the Onward HP with a quiet AC drivetrain, premium comfort seating, and boosted acceleration. Cruise down any back road or neighborhood with your favorite tunes playing on our Bluetooth sound system. Completely reliable, totally customizable, the power is in your hands.

Smooth Ride

Our new Morpheus tires are smooth and quiet. With a sleeker tread, the Morpheus tire is perfect for fragile golf turf and neighborhood roads.

Cart Mart Plus
Cart Mart Plus Service & Warranty is our extended warranty program that goes above and beyond the manufactures basic coverage. Offering even more protection, parts and additional services not provided by any other dealer or manufactures. Giving you even more value and peace of mind. Ask your sale's associate about Cart Mart Plus.

Power. Technology. AC Drive.

  • Our high-performance vehicle provides you with impressive torque and acceleration, with smart technology that will assist you in making sure your vehicle is always healthy and ready to drive.
  • Integrated power management allows you to worry less about the life of your battery and focus more on your next adventure.
  • With multiple acceleration modes available, your dealer will configure the Onward HP to the experience you’re looking for.