Tips and Tricks

Preventing Issues:

The best way to keep your rental vehicle working is to prevent issues before they happen. By following a few simple guidelines, you can greatly extend the life of your rental unit. If you have a long-term contract, we recommend that you sign on to our Preventative Maintenance Program. A professional technician will perform routine maintenance on a regular basis, but even that is NOT a replacement for general day-to-day care.


  • Do not leave any accessories (lights, strobe, speakers, etc) on when not in use. They will drain the battery.*
  • Never leave keys in an unattended vehicle. This drastically increases theft risk of the cart or key.
  • Always set the parking brake when exiting the vehicle.
  • Use common sense. These are powerful vehicles capable of causing damage to you or your surroundings. Always operate it with caution.
  • Check tire pressure on a weekly basis and refill as necessary.*


  • Never run the cart to 0% battery life. Once the batteries reach a critical level, they will not charge with a standard charger.
  • Plug in vehicle when not in use.*
  • Check battery water level on a weekly basis and refill as necessary.*


  • Do not tamper with the drive train (or any other mechanical component)! This can cause injury to you and the vehicle.
  • Do not drive the vehicle at 1-2 MPH for extended periods of time. At low speeds, the cart is powered by the starter which rapidly drains the battery.
  • Check fuel levels daily.*
  • Check oil levels daily.*
*Mandatory maintenance for any Cart Mart rental unit as per our Rental Contract.
Sometimes problems happen. The first thing you should do is call Cart Mart at (760) 744-4420 and notify us of the issue. If the issue occurs after business hours or on a weekend, you should fill out our Service Request form which can be found here ( After contacting us, we recommend that you follow some of the simple troubleshooting steps below. That may be the quickest and easiest way to fix your issue.
  • My cart wont start.
    • Check to make sure the key is fully inserted and turned o the on position
    • Make sure the cart is in Forward or Reverse.
    • Make sure the parking brake is completely disengaged.
    • All electric vehicles come with a Tow Switch. Flip open the seat, locate the tow switch and make sure it is set to run.

Tow Switch:

This is an image of a Tow Switch on a 2015 Yamaha Drive.

Designs and location of the Tow Switch vary with make and model, but they can typically be found under the seat and near the top of the battery compartment.

Make sure this switch is set to "Run".


  • My cart wont start.
    • Check to make sure that the key is fully inserted and turned to the on position.
    • Make sure the cart is in Forward or Reverse.
    • Make sure the parking brake is completely disengaged.
    • Check fuel levels. Fill if necessary.
    • Check oil levels. Fill if necessary.
    • Use the choke when starting the vehicle.
Image coming soon!

The Choke:

This is an image of a Choke on a 2013 Yamaha Drive.

Designs and locations of the Choke vary with make and model. They are typically located near the Driver's Seat.

The choke is used to restrict air flow to the engine when there are difficulties starting it and can be especially useful when the engine is cold. Simply pull the choke (or push a "push-button" style choke) and press the accelerator while the cart is on. The engine should fire up and then the choke can be returned to its off position.