A Unique Blend of Power, Luxury, and Performance.

The Garia is the world’s first and only luxury golf and leisure car. Inspired by cars, it combines the experience of a golf car with exquisite luxury. The Garia is built in the same factory as the Porsche Cayman and built with some of the finest components in the industry, supplied by companies that also supply Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Volvo and Aston Martin.

Golf Cars

The exclusive golf car made in the same factory as Porsche is constructed like a ‘real’ car and feels like a real car when it comes to drivability, quality and finish. The advanced design makes the Garia golf car extra stable and the light weight.

The Garia golf car includes a refrigerator in the dash and it also features an innovative golf bag holder giving easy access to clubs and the bag pockets.

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LSV / Street Legal

T he Garia LSV is the ideal luxury vehicle for golf, leisure or street use. The exclusive LSV is available for two or four passengers.

Garia designs and develops street legal golf cars that can be used for quick commutes, daily errands and sightseeing. Driving an open LSV through the streets is the best way experiencing the town.

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