Taylor-Dunn Trams and Transportation Vehicles

B-100 FT-240
The B-100 is designed to provide practicality and convenience in both industrial and commercial applications. The FT - 240 is a shuttle vehicle with more power than a traditional golf cart. It seats 4 and has ample room for storage.
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BT-280 T-942
The BT-280 is designed to move personnel in any application. When equipped with 9 or 12 passenger trailers, the BT-280 can carry over 30 people in a single trip. Taylor-Dunn's T-942 is a 12-passenger trailer designed for use with the BT-280 E-Tram personnel carrier.
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BT-248 GT  
Taylor Dunn's Model BT-248 GT Tram is a 10-passenger personnel carrier with back-to-back seating.  
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