Preventative Maintenance Program

Maintaining your golf car or industrial vehicle is essential to preserving its life and ensuring consistent performance. Cart Mart offers a complete Maintenance Program designed to keep your vehicles running better by addressing essential maintenance issues before they develop into a more serious problem.

Our Mobile Service Department is composed of Factory Certified Technicians who have the parts and tools they need to do the job right, the first time.

A Preventative Maintenance Session will include:

  • Inspecting wiring and checking for obvious electrical issues that could pose problems

  • Inspecting battery fluid levels and filling as needed

  • Inspecting and cleaning battery terminals and cables and applying protector as needed

  • Inspecting the charger or starter-generator

  • Inspecting brushes on electric motors or starter-generator

  • Inspecting speed controller & lubricating contacts as needed

  • Inspecting brake shoes, drums, cables & fluids and adjusting as needed

  • Inspecting operation of fuses, lights, horn and warning buzzers

  • Inspecting tire condition and air pressure and filling as needed

  • Inspecting and changing engine oil, spark plugs, belts, gas filters and air filters as needed

  • Tightening front end and joints and aligning as needed

  • Performing any additional maintenance per Manufacturers specifications, or by request of the customer

  • In most cases, the Preventive Maintenance can be completed in about one hour per vehicle.

  • Additional labor and or replacement parts (i.e. oil, filters, plugs, etc.) are not included in the standard service however; an estimate for any additional parts or labor can often be given at the time of service, and performed at that time, with customer’s approval.

  • Although we believe that 99% of the work can be performed on site, should the vehicle require additional repairs that cannot be fixed on site, we may need to bring your vehicle(s) back to our shop, and perform those services in house, with your approval. Additional charges may apply and will be discussed at that time.

Recommended Service Frequency:

A proper Preventive Maintenance program should be performed on a regular basis depending on the frequency of use and driving conditions. As a guide we recommend the following:

  • Heavy use: service monthly

  • Normal use: service bimonthly

  • Light use: service quarterly